Savings Accounts

What are you saving for? Whether it's an immediate need or a long-term vision, we offer CT Savings Accounts to help you reach your goals. See how you can benefit.

Member Savings

A $5 deposit establishes your Sikorsky Credit Union membership.


Longer-term, higher-interest savings options can boost your earnings.

Money Market Savings

Take advantage of higher rates while you still have access to your money.

Daily Money Market

Make the most of your money with check writing privileges.

Early Advantage Savings

Our children's savings account gets them started on the right path.

Club Accounts

Here's an easy way to save for holiday expenses or a special trip.

Coverdell Education Savings

Your college savings plan can benefit from this tax-advantaged account.

Health Savings Account

Your health care savings plan can benefit from this tax-free account.