Information on 2021 Economic Impact Payment Stimulus

Recent COVID-19 relief legislation has authorized a third round of economic relief (stimulus) payments to eligible individuals. The IRS is distributing these checks according to the information they have on file for each individual or family. 

For most Americans, their payments will be deposited directly into the same bank account that they have most recently received a tax refund or monthly Social Security Payment. Paper checks or pre-paid debit cards will be mailed out to those who qualify when banking information is not available. It’s important to check your mail before throwing anything out. Be on the lookout for a white envelope with the U.S. Department of Treasury seal. The U.S. Treasury has also indicated that payments will be distributed in multiple phases. 

Sikorsky Credit Union processes all direct deposits as we receive them. Please note, because these payments are distributed by the IRS, Sikorsky Credit Union does not have information on timing, amount or distribution of your payment. 


Q. Am I eligible for the third round of stimulus payments?
A. Please check the IRS website to see if you and your family are eligible here:

Q. How can I find the status of my stimulus payment?
A. The IRS website can tell you the status of your payment here: Data is updated each day overnight.

Q. Will Sikorsky Credit Union tell me if my payment has been received electronically?
A. Please check online banking 24/7. Once your payment is received it will be posted. You can also set up deposit alerts on your account which will notify you when a deposit has been posted. Your alert can be sent via email and text. To set this up visit ‘Set Up Text Alert’ under ‘Other Services’ on your account screen.

Q. How do I deposit my check into my Sikorsky Credit Union account?
A. Deposit your check at any of our convenient branch locations or through our mobile app! As a reminder, you must be signed up for online banking to use our mobile app.

Q. I received a pre-paid debit card, how can I access these funds?
A. You can visit for more information on how to use this card.

Q. Does Sikorsky Credit Union provide my information to the IRS?
A. No, Sikorsky Credit Union does not provide any personal or account information to the IRS.

Q. What happens if I don’t receive my payment?
A. If you are eligible for a payment but did not receive the full amount, please visit the IRS website to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit here:

Q. What happens if my direct deposit went to a closed account?
A. Sikorsky Credit Union will make every effort to post stimulus payments when possible. If a stimulus payment attempts to be deposited into a closed account it will be returned to the IRS. 

Q. How can I avoid scams?
A. Stimulus checks give fraudsters another reason to try and scam people. Please keep in mind, Sikorsky Credit Union will never call you to ask about your personal information. Read more tips on our blog here.