Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help answer your questions about our System Enhancement. 

This System Enhancement will improve your member experience, making doing your banking faster and more convenient. At the same time, it will steamline some of our current processes. 
Member numbers did not change.
Account suffixes were added to the end of the member number for each account. Currently members have a member number, followed by a two-digit suffix for each account. For example, Mary's member number is 12345 and her checking account has suffix 90. Her new checking account number will be 1234590. This will not affect anything  you have set up like checks, direct deposit or ACH transactions.
Your checks will not need to be updated.
Your statement will have an updated look and feel which will make it easier to read. Keep in mind, you may receive two statements. One statement will cover your account information from June 1st - 4th, the other will cover your account information from June 5th - 30th. All other statement will be sent out like they always have been, you will get them at the beginning of each month. 
Yes, your debit card and PIN will remain the same.
Debit cards or ATM cards that have remained inactive for 12 months will be closed. Please remember to use your cards on a regular basis.
Yes, your credit card will remain the same.
No, your loan payment date will remain the same.
You will no longer receive a coupon book to pay your loans. Don't worry, you can still pay your loans how you choose. Pay online, mail in your payment or visit a branch. If you have a mortgage home loan, you will start receiving a statement that will have a coupon attached in June as a new enhancement. 
We are excited to offer an enhanced telephone banking service to our members called Smart Teller.  You will be able to access Smart Teller through our local number at (203) 377-5905 or toll free at (800) 874-6424 or through either of our main numbers. Please listen carefully as the menu prompts are a bit different. You also may be asked to enter your social security number or account number to move forward. 
Your User ID and Password will remain the same.
Yes, your established alerts will remain the same.
Yes, account history will remain the same.
Yes, all transactions will clear and post to your account normally.
Yes, automatic payments scheduled will be processed accordingly. 
Yes, your sub-users will continue to work. However, you may need to re-enable the sub user to re-associate the accounts a sub-user has access to.
Yes, the external linked account will remain the same, however, you may need to re-authenticate the account.
Yes! Any account that you are a joint owner on is accessible to you through one online banking login. This means you will see all of your affiliated accounts and loans on which you are a signer, regardless of whether you are the primary account holder or not. If you wish to hide these accounts, we have tutorials available.
Yes, any account or loan opened going forward will receive a new randomly selected account number.