We recently unveiled out new Kasasa Free Checking accounts: Kasasa Cash and Kasasa Cash Back. What’s great about these checking accounts are that they are not only free, but you can qualify for rewards each month!

To highlight how great these accounts can be for you, I wanted to demonstrate 10 things you can do with your savings from one of our Kasasa products. For the purpose of this blog post, I wanted to focus strictly on Kasasa Cash Back.  With a Kasasa Cash Back free checking account, you can get cash back on up to $300 in purchases monthly, earning a maximum of $108 cash back per year or $9 per month, not including ATM refunds up to $25 monthly.

For more information about the specifics of Kasasa Cash Back, please click here for the disclaimer and details.
First, let’s put it into perspective, here are few things you can purchase:
  1. 9 McDonald’s coffee’s each month. Yes, you can get a small coffee for only $1!
  2. 9 movies tickets per year! Assuming your movie tickets are $12 each, you can see 9 different movies in theaters.
  3. 2 Amazon Fire 7” Tablets – one for you and one for someone you care about!
The savings from Kasasa gives you quite a bit of purchasing power!  Here are a few other ideas for you to put your savings from Kasasa.
  1. Buy lunch at work once a month
  2. Put the money towards any outstanding debt
  3. Invest the money
  4. Use it for holiday gifts
  5. Donate to your favorite charity
  6. Start your emergency savings fund
  7. Have a nice dinner out for two
Your monthly or yearly rewards from Kasasa can make a significant impact. For more information about both of our Kasasa Free Checking Accounts, please click here.