Air quality can have a significant effect on the health and wellbeing of you and your family. When you think of pollution and hazardous air, you may think of being in major cities and having to deal with smog, but in truth, it's more complicated than that. Contaminants happen inside homes too, and it's crucial to address this regularly to combat the effects poor air quality can have on your health. 

In the short-term, poor air quality can cause allergy-like symptoms such as eye irritation and coughing. In the long-term, it can lead to breathing problems, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. People that have asthma or other cardiovascular or lung diseases may have an even harder time dealing with these problems.
Luckily, improving the air quality is easy to do without too much extra effort. Keep reading to learn four ways you can proactively make changes.

Being able to ventilate your home properly can help clear out contaminants and prevent mold from causing problems.  When the weather is nice, create cross ventilation by opening up the windows in your home on opposite sides of the house. Be sure to keep other doors and windows throughout your home open as well. You can also combat cooking pollutants by ensuring you always have your cooking vent on and/or the doors and windows open while you're cooking to clear out the air. Lastly, prevent mold from building by keeping the vent on in the bathroom after you bathe.
Keep All Surfaces Clean
Dust mites are known to be a common allergen that can impact the health of you and your family. Consistently keep up with changing your sheets weekly, sweeping, mopping the floors, dusting hard services, and vacuuming the couches to ensure this allergen doesn't build up within your home. If you have pets, try to encourage them to stay off the furniture and out of your sleeping area.

Change Filters
For your appliances to do their job most effectively, it's important to clean out their filters every couple of months. This means all of the filters in your home, which can include your air conditioner, clothes dryer, any vents you may have, and your vacuum cleaner. Remember to change the vent out in your car air conditioner as well.
Get Indoor House Plants
Plants are not only visually appealing and add some life into your home's decor, it's an easy and natural way to cleanse the air. Some useful indoor plants include the areca palm, lady palm, gerbera daisy, and red emerald philodendron. (Click here for more plants that can help).
Improving the air quality within your home can significantly affect the way you feel within it and can have lasting impacts on your health. If you’re making any extensive changes to your home, consider a Home Equity Line of Credit with Sikorsky Credit Union. We have low, competitive rates, and no closing costs to make it easy for you. For more information, please click here.


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