When driving through any neighborhood, you'll almost always see a few houses that stand out just a little bit more from the others. Often it's their yard and landscape that's eye-catching.  Having a well done up yard does more than give you enjoyment out of your property, it adds to your home's curb appeal. Having great curb appeal can also add value to the cost of your home, should you want to sell in the future.

If you're looking to make a change and add more value to your home's landscape and yard, it's essential to have a plan. Take a look around your yard and start thinking about ideas you formulate more of a master plan for your changes.

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If you’d like to update your home’s landscape but don’t know where to begin, check a few of our ideas to get started.

Add a Garden Gate
Imagine walking through a beautiful arched garden gate as you head to the central part of your garden.  Line your garden gate with climbing vines  for an inviting and decorative touch that's a visually appealing asset to your property.

Create a Walkway
When it comes to walkways, you have many options for making it match the look and feel of your property. Stone, brick, mosaic pebble, or concrete can make an impression and create the appearance you’ve been looking for. Plant flowers around the walkway for added charm.

Line Entrance with Flowers and Plants
There’s nothing more welcoming than having beautiful flowers and plants surrounding the entryway of your home. Adding a pop of greenery here will impress your guests and add to your home’s curb appeal. If you don’t have a front porch that’s easy to line with flowers, having potted plants by the door works just as well.

Create an outdoor living space
If you have a lot of space in your back yard, create a beautiful seating area away from the main house where you can entertain and enjoy on a beautiful warm night.

Fire Pit
Having a fire pit in your yard will create a cozy environment that you can use all year round. It's not only great for socializing around, but you can also cook over it and make smores with the kids. An added bonus is that you could get around a 67% return on your investment.

While these are just a few ideas you can take to improve the look and feel of your yard, you have endless possibilities to make your home beautiful and unique. Just be sure to avoid some of the most common mistakes that happen in landscaping including choosing the wrong plants for soil conditions, not planning ahead when planting trees, and designing a landscape out of sync with a period home.


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