Fresh out of high school, I had dreams of becoming a high school English teacher. I sat through numerous classes and studied hard…it all paid off.  In 2010, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in English. The following year I completed a 10-month internship and in 2011, received my Master’s Degree in Education.  Again, I studied hard and prepared to take the PRAXIS teaching certification test. My hard work paid off (once again) when I passed the test (after the third time) and finally became a certified teacher in Connecticut. Everything had gone according to plan…except the fact I was now 5 years older (and wiser, I think) and realized teaching was not what I had a true passion for and not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I recently read an article from the Huffington Post titled, “Six Reasons Why your College Major Doesn’t Matter.”  The article presented an eye-opening statistic: “62% of recent college graduates are working in jobs that require a degree, yet only 27% of college graduates are working in a job that even relates to their major.” Research on this topic has been around for years which made my realization that I would not be using my college major a little easier to swallow. This is not to say that having a college degree is not important.  One of my professors in college said: “Education is never wasted.”  This has always stuck with me. I may not be a high school English teacher but I am an Operations Representative. 

As hard as it may be to make the connections, many of the skills I learned in college have helped me succeed and advance in my short time in the Operations Department. In college, I learned the skills of problem-solving and how to analyze literature and data. College also taught me self-discipline and how to communicate in environments with different types of people.  It was definitely a winding path, full of u-turns and “Yield” signs that led me to where I am today.  I would’ve never even thought to pursue a career in the banking world but I’ve discovered that it challenges me and the ever changing technical side of banking is something I’m interested in and excited to be a part of.  Looking back on my journey to becoming my almost 30-year-old self, I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to continue my education after high school. Obtaining a college degree is something to be proud of and as my professor said, education is never wasted.

( Photo Source: Tulane Public RelationsStudent in Class (3618969705)CC BY 2.0 )