Fathers do so much for their children and ask for so little in return. That's what makes the annual, 100-year tradition of Father's Day so special — and difficult. Finding gifts to show appreciation to our fathers for all they do is no easy task. So what should you buy your Dad this Father's Day, June 17th?

Here are some popular and relatively inexpensive gift ideas — for Dads with all kinds of interests.

For the active Dad:
FitBit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker. Help ensure your Dad is around for many more Father's Days by encouraging good health and fitness with this unique gift. Your Dad can track his steps and count calories, and synch the results on his computer. The FitBit allows him to set goals and challenge his friends in healthy fitness challenges. You can even purchase one for yourself for a fun and healthy way to connect with your father all year long.

For the music-loving Dad:
Microphone Speaker. Let Dad recapture his youth by blasting his music from his iPhone or iPod wherever he goes. This mini speaker is available for under $15.

For the handy Dad:
Tool pens. For a fun, creative, and functional gift idea, give your Dad a unique set of tool pens available for just $5 each.

Leatherman Sidekick Multi Tool. Give your father multiple tools in one smart and affordable gift. This useful tool is a knife, bottle opener, can opener, pliers and more in one gadget. Available for under $35.

For the sports-loving Dad:
Baseball Glove Oven Mitt. Dad will catch the excitement of having a fun and safe way to operate the barbecue with baseball glove oven mitts.

For the Dad who loves to cook:
Branding Gift Set. Give Dad a gift with his name written all over it — literally. This branding barbecue grill tool set allows him to put his stamp on his delicious grill creations. Retail price: $40

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