When was the last time you looked into what your checking account really has to offer? If you are paying unnecessary fees this is a red flag that it may be time to make the switch. While switching your primary checking account can be less than ideal, if it will save you money, it’s something to think about. Like we always say, small decisions make a big difference.

Many people simply open a checking account and never look back. Years go by and you may not even realize that you could do better. Before making any decisions know what your current account has to offer.
  • Are you being charged for ATM withdrawals?
  • Does it have rewards?
  • Are you incurring unnecessary monthly fees?
Not all checking accounts are the same. Here are a few things to look at when doing your research:

Fees – First and foremost, is this checking account free? Many financial institutions will charge a monthly ‘maintenance fee’ which means this account is not free.

ATM Charges – Although we are all using cash less and less, there are times when you need it and you need to stop at an ATM. ATM fees can add up! Many checking accounts offer free ATM transactions at certain ATMs or refunds on withdrawal fees.

Rewards – Like credit cards, checking accounts can also be rewarding. Look for an account that rewards you in dividends or cash back. Usually you will need to meet a few requirements, like signing up for eStatements to qualify.

Online Services – If you choose to forgo your trip to the credit union, make sure your account offers online and mobile banking. Another good feature to have is mobile deposit capture, this will allow you to deposit checks right from your cell phone.

If you are considering a new checking account, consider Sikorsky Credit Union’s free KASASA accounts.* Our Free Kasasa Cash Checking pays 3.00% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on balances up to $10,000 and our Free Kasasa Cash Back pays 3.00% Cash Back on debit card purchases when you qualify. Open your account right online, call our Member Service Center or visit one of our convenient branch locations.
*$25 minimum deposit required to open account.