The kids will be back to school soon and summer is about to come to an end. With autumn just around the corner, it’s a great time to think about your fall financial checkup. What are some things you can do this season to make sure your financial house is in order?

Payoff Summer Debt
Did you spend more this summer than you intended? Maybe you splurged on that vacation you didn’t get to take last year or filled your weekends with fun activities. Now is the time to take a look at your spending and any debt you have and come up with a plan to pay it off before the holiday season is upon us.

Plan for the Holiday Season
Speaking of the holiday season… it will be here before you know it! It’s never too early to budget or come up with a savings plan to help ease that holiday stress. Think about dedicating a certain amount each week to your savings account or take the money you get from your KASASA Cash Back account each month and dedicate that to your holiday fund.

Start Thinking About Tax Season
The end of the year can be a bit busy with the holidays which makes fall an opportune time to start getting your taxes in order for January. If you haven’t already, start a file and look at your current deductions. If you had to pay taxes this year, make adjustments where needed to ease the burden next spring.

Revisit Policies Providers
Take a look at your insurance policies and make sure the coverage is right for you. This includes auto, homeowners, life and health insurances. If you have been with your current provider for some time, consider getting quotes from other providers to see if they are in alignment. Open enrollment for your health insurance may be coming up soon, how did you do this year? Did you have enough coverage? This is a great time of year to reassess where you are.