When the cold air finally moves out, it becomes the perfect time to tackle home improvement projects that were too difficult to do during our cold Connecticut winter. Take a look at some of these “must-do” tasks that can make a significant difference on your home, and potentially save you some money in the year ahead.
Inspect your home’s exterior
The winter weather can do a number on your home’s roof, siding, and gutters. Inspect each of these features checking for major or minor damage that may have occurred over the season. If you see any small problems such as cracked shingles on your roof, water stains or openings on your home's exterior walls, or clogged gutters, you should take the time and provide maintenance as necessary now, so it doesn't become a more costly issue later.
Check on your home's appliances and machinery
Ensure that your appliances and machinery are in tip-top shape before you actually need to use them this summer.  Take out your lawn mower and make sure it's in proper working order (with enough fuel!) before you need to use it. Check out any in-ground sprinkler systems, hoses, and anything else that may have been affected by the cold weather. When it comes to the inside of your home, spend some time cleaning out your dryer vent, which will help your dryer perform more efficiently, take a peek at your washing machine hoses to see if any leaks or cracks may lead to any more significant problems, and clean the coils of your refrigerator and air conditioner so they can operate like new.
Tend to your doors and windows
If you're running the air conditioner, the last thing that you want is having that cold air leak outside or find warm outside air coming in. You need to perform some maintenance on your doors and windows to ensure that everything is sealed correctly. You may need to re-caulk or replace them as needed. Additionally, to add a more updated and polished look, it's not a bad idea to repaint your front door or window shutters.
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