This summer looks a lot brighter than last summer which may have you craving that summer vacation you didn’t get last year. Vacations can get expensive especially when everyone has the same idea. So how can you have a fun time while still saving money? Here are some tips:

Set a Budget
This long awaited vacation may have you wanting to splurge. It’s important to create a budget and stick with it. There is nothing worse than having a great week and regretting it for the rest of the year because you are paying it off. It helps to set an itinerary and research restaurants and activities before you go, this will help you with planning your budget.

Take the Road Less Traveled
Try avoiding the summer hotspots. For example, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Miami and Las Vegas are very popular summer vacation destinations and their prices may be much higher in summer compared to the rest of the year. Consider visiting a place that is a little less of a tourist attraction. There are beautiful spots you can see that will be less expensive this time of year and less crowded.

Share a Rental
Consider traveling with friends and family so you can share a vacation rental. You may be surprised with how much space you can get in a home that you share compared to a hotel room. One big perk of sharing a home is you can save by making your own meals.

Look for Freebies
Check out the local visitors center and Chamber of Commerce for free or inexpensive deals around town. You never know, you could be there during a free concert or an inexpensive festival.

Clear Your Cache
Did you know that hotels and airlines drop cookies and raise the prices based on your search history? Get around it by clearing your cache before booking your vacation.

Opt for a Road Trip
Avoid airline tickets and fees by taking a road trip. Road trips are a great way to see areas of the country you haven’t seen. It’s also a great way to combine a few short trips into one by stopping in different areas along the way.

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