One of the best ways to show some holiday spirit is by getting involved with your community. Whether it’s participating in community events, donating to your favorite charities, or doing some acts of kindness around town, getting involved and showing community spirit will boost your mood and make a positive impact. Keep reading for some great ideas on how you can get involved in your community this holiday season.

Donate to Food Pantries and Shelters
Donating food is a great way to show your community that you care. Homeless shelters, food pantries, and animal shelters could always benefit from extra food.  If you want to feel more involved, you can also donate your time and volunteer at one of these places.

Organize a Drive
Along with the colder weather and holiday season, an opportunity presents itself to organize a drive for the people in need within your town. Cold weather clothing like socks, scarfs, gloves, and coats are a great option or if you’d rather focus on children specifically, a toy drive will boost their spirits!

Don’t want to organize one yourself? Starting Monday, November 18, you can drop by a Sikorsky Credit Union branch and donate a new toy for kids in the communities we serve. We are collecting toys at the branches located in Stratford, Milford, Shelton, Trumbull, Danbury and Brookfield. 

Attend a Benefit Event
Sometimes the best way to get involved is by showing up. Show your support by attending benefit events near you. This could include attending holiday dinners, bake sales, or parades. Go to special exhibits and events that only happen around the holiday season. These events will not only have you interact with people within your community, you’ll be able to donate money directly to people in your own hometown.

Do Small Acts of Kindness
A little bit of kindness goes a long way. By doing a small act of kindness you can completely turn someone’s day around. Some ideas you can do are shoveling or snow blowing driveways for elderly folks in your neighborhood, getting gift cards and handing them out to people you see regularly (like your mail man, bank teller, favorite cashier, barista, etc.),  or pay for the person behind you in line for groceries. Showing people that you care and want them to have a good day is a great way to get involved and show holiday spirit.

At Sikorsky Credit Union, we make it a priority to participate and donate to nonprofit organizations in the communities that we serve.  To see some of our past community work, or to get involved in some of our current efforts to help the community, please check out our Community Page.