Winter is coming. Preparing your home now can help save you from costly bills and repairs in the upcoming months. Here is your winter preparation checklist:
  1. Clean the Gutters: Avoid water damage and ice dams this winter by making sure your gutters are properly cleaned. Leaves and another debris can pile in there making it hard for the water or snow to flow through properly.
  2. Prepare Your Heating System: It’s important to get your chimney cleaned annually to avoid a fire. Call in a professional to inspect your furnace or boiler to make sure everything is running as it should. If you use firewood throughout the winter, place your order now so you are prepared. Program your thermostats to a cooler temperature while you sleep to save on that bill too.
  3. Change Batteries: Daylight savings time is a perfect reminder to change your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries. Even if you think they are in perfect working condition it’s a good idea to still switch them out. Better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Make a Storm Kit: An unexpected snow fall could happen at anytime, and if you live in New England you know the weather is unpredictable. Prepare now by stocking up on salt and sand. Have a special area to store non perishable food items and water. Make sure your flashlights have batteries and buy portable chargers if you don’t have them. If you don’t have a generator, consider getting one. Finally, make sure the snow blower and shovels are easily accessible.
  5. Prepare Your Outdoor Space: Protect and put away any outdoor items and furniture. Inspect tree areas around the house and look for branches that may need to be trimmed so they don’t fall and cause damage during a storm. Make sure to turn off your outside faucets and sprinklers too.
  6. Look for Ways to be More Efficient: Check your doors and windows for any sneaky spaces air could be getting into and make repairs before winter hits. Repairing these areas now will help you save on that heating bill this winter. Another way to save and keep your house warmer is to insulate your attic or crawl space.
While preparing, you may find areas of your home that are in need of an improvement. Not sure how to fund it? Consider a Home Equity Loan or Line or Credit from Sikorsky Credit Union. Learn more.