Times have changed… fast. Many are facing uncharted economic territory as they figure out how to live on less income. Others may just want to save more for fear of the unknown. Whatever the case may be, you can find small ways to live on less. Small changes add up and can help you save a little more each month.

Take Inventory
Sit down and really look at your budget. Do you have subscriptions you aren’t using? Are you buying coffee each day? Look at the small things you are spending money on. Do you NEED them?

Shop for Cable
The price of TV is all over the map. If you have a hefty TV bill, consider streaming. Often times it will be less money. You could also consider calling your cable company to see if they are offering any specials or discounts for loyal customers.

Shop Less
Before you hit ‘add to cart’ stop and think for 10 seconds. Is this an item you absolutely need? Could you get by for a bit without it until your finances are in a better place?

Utilize Rewards Programs
Rewards programs are a great way to earn cash back on things you are already doing or buying. Consider Sikorsky’s KASASA checking accounts. You can get cash back or high dividends every time you shop.

Free Entertainment
During this time, there are many free ways to get entertainment. Many zoos and museums are hosting online visits. Free books are available online too, check your local library. You could also consider taking a free online class to learn a new skill or hobby.

Grocery Shop with a Plan
Before you hit the store make your list and don’t go hungry. Try planning out your meals for the week so you minimize the amount of extra items you are getting.

Consider Refinancing
If you want to free up cash, refinancing can be a great option. You could save hundreds of dollars each year. Learn more about what Sikorsky Credit Union has to offer.

Do Some Spring Cleaning
One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Now is a great time to start putting aside items you no longer need or want. Clean out the basement, the attic or the kid’s toys. When life returns to a little more normal you could sell these things to make some extra cash.