Summer is in full swing and we are starting to finally get together with our family and friends who we haven’t seen in the last few months. Maybe you are thinking about hosting a small get together, like a barbecue?  Is the thought of dropping hundreds of dollars on one afternoon holding you back?

As fun as hosting is, the costs can add up quick, even for a small gathering. Here are some tips to keep your wallet a little fuller:

Send Out Invites Electronically: Don’t waste money on snail mail. Instead, send electronic invites via email or text. It’s not a wedding, your guests will not mind.

Keep it Simple: There is no need to find the best cut of steaks around or an award-winning dessert. Stick to hamburgers and hotdogs, most people attending a cookout know that’s what is being served. When it comes to sides and desserts shop the sales and what’s in season and don’t go overboard.

Make it a BYOB: Provide the food and asks your guests to bring their own drinks. Often times, drinks cost more than the actual meal itself. This will ensure that everyone has what they like, and it will substantially keep the bill down.

Check Your Stockpile: Did you stock up on pasta and beans over the last few months? Go through your pantry and see what you have before hitting the grocery store. Even though it is nice to have a stockpile, food does expire, so use it before it does and you can always stock up again later.

DIY the Décor: It’s always nice to make your barbecue a little more festive. If you have some time and are crafty, try making your own décor. You would be surprised with how much you can do with simple supplies like paper and ribbon.

Make it a Potluck: A lot of people don’t love to come empty handed to a party. When guests ask what they can bring, they mean it. So ask them to bring a side dish. This will lighten the load on what you need to cook and save you so money.

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