I live in Milford, Connecticut and walking to Silver Sand Beach is something I do with my family quite often. At the beach, my kids like to explore. They still get excited over finding sea-glass, seashells, or any creatures crawling by the water. After spending some time exploring, we’ll head to the boardwalk to do the 1 mile walk. The path is usually filled with familiar faces from our community – there are walkers, runners, babies in strollers, parents, and others.  There’s just something about the salty air, the sounds of the water and seagulls that relaxes my mind. 

As we walked the boardwalk, there was a small area in the sand cleared out for rocks. Rocks don’t sound exciting, but these are not ordinary rocks. These rocks are part of a program called Kindness Rocks by the Girls Scouts of local grammar schools in town.  Kindness Rocks was created to help spread random acts of kindness and inspire a community. The Girl Scouts collect rocks and paint them with inspirational words and pictures.  The rocks are placed by a sign that explains the project and invites people to take home a rock that inspires them.  The hope is the recipient will pay it forward because kindness is contagious.  My kids love reading through all the kind, hand-painted messages. Some have just one word, such as: Hope, Love, Peace and others have short phrases like: You’re Special, Make a Difference and Be Yourself.
In a time where negative stories in the media are a common occurrence, it’s nice to see a caring gesture in my community – because Kindness does Rock!