Moving to an urban environment can be an exciting change of pace for people that live in the suburbs or more rural areas. If you’ve found a city that you love and are thinking about making a move there, consider these pros and cons before doing so.


Public Transportation
Most major cities have some public transportation that makes it easy to get around the city without having a car. Public transportation can help you save money in a place where the cost of living is likely to be a bit higher.

Access to Entertainment
One of the best things about living in a city is having access to great restaurants, museums, shopping, and music venues. There’s almost always something to do and a new place to check out. It’s hard to get bored in a place where there is always something going on!

More Opportunities
You’ll often find larger companies opening up locations in cities. These companies provide a lot of opportunities for career growth. There are additional opportunities to network with other urban professionals. Outside of career opportunities, living in a city gives you easier access to likeminded people, with meetup groups often nearby.


It’s Expensive
Everything seems to cost more money in a city – from housing to groceries and gas. If you have a job in a city, you’ll likely be compensated more due to the cost of living, but it’s not always the case.

It’s Crowded
While having a lot of people around can be great for making friends and networking, there is such a thing as it being too crowded. Of course, this depends on the size of the city that you’re living in, but crowded restaurants, public transportation, and streets can get old very quickly.

It’s Noisy
The sounds of traffic and construction work year-round can be right outside your door if you live in a city. If you have an apartment, you may have noisy neighbors that come back at all hours of the night, and it can be difficult to find quiet places. 

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