Stratford, CT – June 20, 2017  –  If you are driving on Main Street in Stratford, you can’t help but notice that between Stratford Center and Paradise Green, there are several lighthouse sculptures.  This is part of the “Light the Way” initiative.  Local businesses sponsored 20 lighthouse sculptures decorated by local artists, and placed along Main street for the summer.  Recently, Sikorsky Credit Union contributed $2,000 toward this project and sponsored the lighthouse at the entrance of Stationhouse Square, where the Credit Union has a branch.  This fall, all the lighthouses (which are replicas of the Stratford Point Lighthouse) will be auctioned to help fund scholarships for graduating seniors at Bunnell and Stratford High School, along with teacher mini-grants.
Aubrey Booska, co-chair of Light the Way, was grateful for the Credit Union’s support.  "The partnership between Sikorsky Credit Union and Stratford Street Sculpture is a shining example of the Stratford Community 'lighting the way' together for the purpose of supporting the arts, our youth, local artists and the entire town. We are forever grateful to Sikorsky Credit Union for their generous support.”  Josie Ponce, branch manager of the Stationhouse Square added, “This is a wonderful project for the local community and I really enjoy seeing all the artwork as I drive around town.  I am proud to work for an organization that has helps support the arts and community.”