Does Groundhog Day have you dreaming about spring? Soon the weather will be getting warmer and you may be itching to start a project. Spring is a great time of year to work on your home improvement projects.  Now is the perfect time to plan so once the weather cooperates you are ready.

What projects should you focus on for spring? Here are some ideas:

Look at Cosmetics
Time to clear the dust and organize the clutter, add spring cleaning to your to-do list. Buy storage totes and tubs to help get things in order and do a deep cleaning. Pull down curtains and wash them, vacuum fans and light fixtures, disinfect knobs, organize your cabinets and fridge and wash your windows. It’s also a good time to refresh paint or replace flooring.

Get the Air Conditioning Working
Before the weather gets warm you want to check your AC to make sure you don’t have any issues. You don’t want to have a warm day come and the AC not work. If you are thinking about getting AC, now is the time to get quotes, figure out financing and set a date. Once the weather gets warm everyone may have the same idea and it may take a little while to get on someone’s install calendar.

Look for Repairs
Now that the worst of winter is (hopefully) over, do a thorough check of your attic and basement for damage. You will want to check for cracks, look for mold and inspect the insulation. Did you notice a drafty window over the winter? It may be time for a replacement.

Get the Outside in Order
If you can’t wait to get outside, inspect your deck or porch, will it need repairs or paint? It’s also a great time of year to work on winter lawn clean up and landscaping. Don’t forget to check your grill and make sure it’s in working order, give it a good clean too.

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