As you enter your teen years, money becomes a big part of your life. It’s important to learn to manage your money, whether you’re buying the latest video game or eating out with friends. When it comes to money, it’s necessary to have a plan. Here are a few things to consider:
Establish financial goals – give some thought to establishing your financial goals, such as saving for a car or your high school class ring.
Develop a realistic budget – write down all your expenses and income, this will help you understand the importance of maintaining a budget. 
Prepare for the unexpected - you will need to set aside money for emergencies, like a broken iPhone screen or an unexpected school expense.
Save, save, save - implement the 50/50 rule early – “save half/spend half” on your incoming money, such as birthday money, allowance, paycheck, etc. Maybe it’s time to open your own savings account, such as the Sikorsky Credit Union Early Advantage Account where you can earn a high dividend on your money up to the age of 25.
All teens are eager to learn about money because it’s a big step towards adulthood. You may even have a part time job after school to earn some spending money. Learn to save it and spend it wisely. Talk to your parents for advice and inquire about their budget. It’s important to develop money management skills now which will lead you to be financially responsible adult.