If you have a family or are planning on having a family in the future, the car you drive and the way you finance your car might change. For instance, instead of leasing a car, it might make more sense to purchase, or maybe the safety features become a little bit more important over outer appearance.  When it comes to cars, you want to make sure you have a great one that will fit your needs for your full family.  What features should you look for when deciding on the perfect car for your family? Keep reading to find out!

A Five Star Safety Rating
This is a great thing to have, no matter why you’re getting a car. Having a five-star rating for safety is imperative to keep your family safe. Make sure that the car gets an A rating and is outfitted with the latest safety features like airbags in the back, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot warning, lane-departure warnings, rear cross-traffic alert, and adaptive cruise control.

Plenty of Storage Space
When you have kids, you’re going to need plenty of space for storage. When you have active kids that are participating in a lot of activities, or if you want to go on a road trip with your kids, you’re going to need a lot of space to carry everything. This also includes games and entertainment to keep your kids busy along the drive.

Built in Back Seat Window Shades
You know that feeling when you have the sun beating down on your car and you feel extra warm and it’s even difficult to see. Imagine having that but not being able to move out of the way or put down a shade to help mask the light. That’s what your kids experience when they’re stuck in a car seat. Having the window shades will keep the sun light out of their eyes and protect them from harmful rays.

A Backup Camera
A back up camera is a must for everyone. It not only is helpful for backing out of spaces or trying to parallel park, it can help prevent accidentally backing up over your kids’ bike or toys and prevent more serious accidents from happening.

Conversation Mirrors
What is a conversation mirror you ask? It’s a great feature on cars that help the driver see into the back seat. It makes it easier for parents to know what is going on behind them without forcing them to turn around. It helps them keep their eyes forward and reduces the amount of times that people have their eyes off the road.

Automatic Trunk Opener
As a parent, you and your kids are likely to have your hands full often. Whether that’s with groceries, bags, or kids! Having an automatic door will make it easier on you to load the car. It could be a lifesaver for any busy parent who has their hands full!

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