Moving into a new house is an exciting event in someone’s life. Whether you have new neighbors, or you’re invited to a friend’s new home, bringing a housewarming gift is a great way to celebrate the occasion with them.

The perfect housewarming gift is one that contains some thought and is useful to the new homeowners in this next step of their life. Here are a few ideas that you can get for them that they’ll surely love. 

Something Cozy
Everyone can appreciate a gift that makes their home a little cozier. If the new homeowners moved during a colder climate, give them a warm blanket that they can use throughout the season.  If not, try giving them a nice set of candles along with some matches or a lighter.  If you don’t know what kind of scents they prefer, choose a subtle scent.

Something Edible
You can't go wrong with giving something edible. Have a wine lover on your hands? Pick them up a nice bottle of wine. If you’re not sure if they drink alcohol, head to a nearby bakery and pick up some freshly baked goods or make them a recipe yourself. When in doubt, giving a gift card to a nearby restaurant that delivers is something that everybody could enjoy.

Something Green
There’s no better way to brighten up a room than with some greenery. Bring the new homeowners some fresh flowers in a beautiful vase that they can and will want to use over and over again. A small potted plant that doesn’t take much maintenance is also great for your friends that aren’t a fan of flowers. For the people that might have trouble keeping plants alive, tiny faux succulents are a great way to have the effect of something real without the maintenance.

Something Useful
One of the best gifts to give is something that’s useful. This could be anything from a small toolbox to a new cookbook, or even a gift certificate for professional cleaners to come after they move in. Any thoughtful gifts that are also useful will undoubtedly be appreciated.

Something Customizable
Gifts that you can customize make for great presents, as you can personalize it to the new homeowner. Some gift ideas include engraved cutting boards, doormats, coasters, Christmas ornaments, a personalized family name sign, monogrammed towels, and coffee mugs, but the list can go on and on. Customizable gifts are the perfect way to commemorate the occasion.

Giving a housewarming gift to your friend is a great way to celebrate with them on this significant occasion and life change. If you have a new neighbor, including them in a gift is a great way to welcome them to the neighborhood, and you might even make a new friend!

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