As the Fall season begins, the temps will be cooler, leaves will be colorful and the days will become shorter. Since it will get dark out earlier, now is a good time to refresh yourself on ATM safety.  Sikorsky Credit Union takes pride in providing ATMs that are in well-lit areas and have security cameras in place to ensure your safety. We want your visit to our ATMs to be a positive experience. Therefore, on your next visit to the ATM, keep these safety precautions in mind:

Keep your PIN private
Your personal identification number should always be kept personal. Never share it with anyone and do not write it down anywhere.
Be aware of your surroundings
It’s vital to be aware of your surroundings and to look for anything suspicious. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, leave immediately.
Bring a friend
If possible, stop at the ATM when you are with a friend or a family member. A person that is alone tends to be more vulnerable.
Have your card ready
Be prepared. Do not rummage through your purse or wallet as you approach the ATM. Criminal are more apt to catch you off guard.
Put away all cash as soon as possible
Do not count or visibly display your cash. As soon as the ATM dispenses your money, immediately place the cash in your wallet or purse.
Stay safe! You are the greatest defense when it comes to ATM safety. Following these tips will help eliminate any potential risk to your financial well-being and ensure a positive ATM experience. To find a convenient branch ATM near you, click here. As a reminder, Sikorsky Credit Union is also part of the Allpoint Network.