When you’re looking to update your existing home, there are two ways you can go about doing it: you can update the interior design or update your home décor. Home décor and interior design go hand in hand with the former complimenting the latter. Interior design is more related to the structures and features of a home, while the home décor is related to the things inside of it. For example, a fireplace is part of an interior design plan, but what’s on top of the fireplace is the home décor.

If you’re someone like me, you want to add some trendy elements to your space through home decor, but don’t necessarily want to make any huge purchases or commitments. However, if you have more of a budget to work with and really want to embrace the trends, it could be worth it to make some interior design changes.

Anna Starmer, the founder of color and trend forecasting company Luminary Colour, spoke to USnews.com and mentioned that trends are slowing down and lasting longer. “One of the main reasons is that people are living real lives – they do not have enough time to redecorate every 6 months.”  

That being said, let’s get into what the five major trends for 2019 are and how they can be incorporated into both home décor and interior design.

Trend #1 - Jewel Tones

Using bold colors, specifically jewel tones can make a dramatic, yet tasteful impact. Pair colors like orange, yellow, emerald green, dark teal, and indigo with more muted colors throughout your home to have those rich, jewel tones pop.

You can cover this trend by painting an old piece of furniture, hanging up new curtains, choosing lamps with colored bases, or add a bold duvet cover. If you’d like more a permanent feel – buying a jewel-toned couch, updating your wallpaper, having a pop of color with your kitchen backsplash, or changing your headboard are all ideas that may work for you.

Trend #2 - Floral

Floral patterns have made a comeback, in fact, they’re more than a retro look, they’re here to stay. This trend keeps current because of the versatility of different floral patterns and colors (including the jewel color trend!). With many ways to incorporate this trend, you’re sure to find something that fits with your personal style and taste.

The best ways to start or update this trend could be with pillows, a nice armchair, a rug, or some wallpaper.

Trend #3 - Natural Elements

Having more natural elements to your home will ensure that you bring a serene ambiance to those spaces. This doesn’t necessarily mean to throw house plants and flowers everywhere in your home (though having these does add to the trend!), but it does mean using more natural materials or designs into your space.

Some ways to incorporate this trend include having wood furniture or floors, displaying art pieces that involve nature, letting in some natural sunlight, decorating with geodes, or add marble counters.

Trend #4 - Geometric Patterns

Just like with floral patterns, the geometric pattern is nothing you haven’t seen before. This trend is a favorite, due to its versatility that can accommodate a variety of preferences. The key for this year is to be bold with it.
You can add geometric patterns to your walls to make a big statement, as long as the color or pattern isn’t too busy; although the most popular way to incorporate geometric patterns is through tiles in the kitchen or bathroom.

Trend #5 - Matte Black 

This trend works particularly well in kitchens and bathrooms. Replacing white for black creates a sleek, modern, and luxurious feel. Not ready to commit fully? Try mixing black and white together or starting small with matte black flatware, bathroom faucets, pendant lights, kitchen or bathroom sink, kitchen chairs, or even drawer handles. 

Do you like more than one of these trends? There are some fun ways you can blend two of them together that will still look tasteful and stylish. For example, you can use a geometric pattern on your kitchen backsplash in black, or you can merge the floral and jewel color trends on a piece of furniture.

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