When thinking about cutting spending, a popular solution is often to give up going out to eat or start getting rid of extra expenses like cable. While these will help you to save money, there are solutions that you can do that’ll help you cut your spending without changing your lifestyle. Take a look at the top 5 ways you can cut spending costs by cutting your grocery bill in half.

Bring a list with you to the store
Bringing a list to the store is a great way to stay organized and keep focused while navigating the grocery store aisles. Having a list can help to curb impulse buys and ensure you don’t accidentally buy something you already have at home. When making a list for your weekly grocery shopping trip, it helps to make a detailed menu out of what you want to eat for the week and only buy what you need for it. Having a consistent theme for your menu can help you ensure you go through all of the groceries you purchased, so none of it is left wasted.

Cook with seasonal produce
Seasonal produce is the best option for your wallet and your health. It’s often the cheaper option because there’s more supply, which also means it’ll be the freshest and highest quality option available to you.

Make your food instead of buying premade
While there are premade meals and snacks for you to purchase, making meals for yourself is almost always the most economical option. If you’re cutting up vegetables for a snack, you may have an option of getting precut vegetables, but while it’s the more convenient option, you’ll pay for that convenience. It’ll take a little more effort on your part to make your food instead of buying it premade, but because of that effort, you’ll likely save several dollars off your grocery bill.

Buy in bulk whenever possible
Buying in bulk at wholesale warehouse stores like Costco or BJs can save you a lot of money. If you choose to do this, keep in mind that buying in bulk is only the best option when you know you’re going to use it up in time. It’s great for items such as toilet paper, canned goods, soda, and items that you can freeze. For items that you need to use fast, or you lose it, it might be cheaper to buy only exactly what you’ll use.

Buy Generic Brands
Buying generic doesn’t mean that you’re skimping on quality. According to Time Magazine, generic brands hold up well during blind taste tests and sometimes even come from the same factories as the name brand product. Choosing the generic option will often save you more money without sacrificing quality.

These tips above can make a difference in your overall grocery spending. If you have the time and feel committed to dramatically changing your grocery bill, starting to collect and clip coupons can be a great way to get even more groceries for cheaper costs. When you do your grocery shopping, be sure to use your VISA® Platinum credit card. With every purchase, you can start building points towards ScoreCard rewards. For more information, please click here.


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