Has all this extra time at home had you thinking about home improvements? Even if you don’t think you will put your house on the market any time in the near future, it’s important to keep your home in good shape that way when the time comes you can get top dollar for it. Not only will small improvements make a future buyer happy, it will make you happier while you live there.  

Start with the simplest and probably least expensive project… a deep clean and declutter. Go room by room and REALLY clean. Clean the baseboards, the walls, rent a carpet cleaner, re-shine your wood floors, etc. Go through each room and get rid of clutter. If you have items you no longer use, get rid of them. Still in good condition, just not serving any purpose? Donate it! As a bonus, when you do move, this is less to pack! Not only will your house look more livable to potential buyers, by freeing up space it will appear larger.

One of biggest attractors/detractors is the cosmetic look of your home. A simple thing like paint can make a huge difference.  If your house hasn’t been painted in a while, it may be time to give that some consideration. Experts suggest bathrooms and kitchens get a paint refresh every 3-4 years while living rooms can get an uplift every 5-7 years. When choosing paint colors consider a neutral, especially if you plan to sell. Many people buy homes they can envision themselves in, so while a bright magenta room may be your cup of tea, others may not care for it.

Speaking of paint, do you have an outdated kitchen? New cabinets can get pricey, so consider painting them. While this can be a time-consuming task, it will add value to your home. Go the extra mile and replace the knobs and kitchen fixtures as well. You would be surprised what these small things can do to your kitchen’s appearance.

Another room besides the kitchen that is often crucial for buyers is the bathroom. If you have an outdated toilet or vanity, replace them. Faucets can get grimy fast, so at the very least replace an outdated vanity’s faucet. Although these things seem expensive, they usually can run you a few hundred dollars depending on the size and brand.

An upgrade that can be a little pricier but payoff in the long run is making your house more energy efficient. This could include window replacements, updated systems and appliances or energy efficient lighting. Not only will these type of upgrades get you more money for your home, but they will lower your electric bill until that time comes too.

Lets talk curb appeal! Potential buyers often drive by homes they may be interesting in seeing. What does your yard say to them? Is your grass cut, flower beds weeded? How does your front door look? If it has seen better days, paint it and add a wreath. Little details go a long way.

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