I believe snow days are a way for all of us to slow down. It makes us stop and smell the roses, keep family close and appreciate nature. The snowflakes make everything quiet and very peaceful outside.  But inside, 3 kids can cause chaos – bickering over what show to watch next on TV, who stole the best spot on the couch and who ate the last strawberry frosted pop-tart.  We’ve all seen the commercial on TV where the mom is in the grocery store picking up milk, eggs, and wine in preparation for a big snow storm.  I can relate.
But throughout all the chaos of a snow day with my kids (preteens and a teen), I hear the occasional sweet conversation between them. And once they get really bored, they'll pull out board games.  Monopoly is a popular game in our home.  I took a minute to listen to their conversation in the next room - which consisted of buying properties, mortgages, making trades and of course, bankruptcy.  
As I approached the dining room table, I asked out loud “what does it mean to go bankrupt?”  My daughter responded to me in her sweet 11-year-old girly voice “mom, now is not the time for a money lesson.”  My kids know I will take any opportunity to give them a money lesson because I want them to smart with their money.  However on today, a snow day, I figured I’d forgo my speech.  After all, it's amazing the money lessons they can learn from a simple board game.

(Photo Source: Sarchia KhursheedBanoka Village at Snow dayCC BY-SA 4.0 )