As cold Connecticut weather sets in for the winter months, it’s important for your home to be winterized. Follow these few steps to properly winterize your home to keep it warm and dry throughout the long winter season.

Weatherize Your Windows
If you have drafts from your window, try weatherstripping them to ensure cold air does not enter your home. 
Tree Branches
Check for any big branches that have grown towards your home. These branches can be dangerous in heavy winds. In addition, heavy snow can weigh them down, posing damage to your home.

Screens vs Storm Windows
Be sure to take time to remove all the screens and replace them with storm windows. Storm windows will add a layer of insulation and will help keep out the cold air.
Gutters should be free and clear from any debris. Clogged gutters can block water and create ice damns.  
Inspect Furnace
Dirt and debris can build up in your furnace over time. Replace the air filters to assure your system is running efficiently.
Schedule an Energy Audit
Call your local power company and schedule an energy audit of your home. A professional will inspect your home and suggest changes to make your home more energy efficient.
New England winters can be harsh. Therefore, your home needs to be prepared to deal with the cold weather. With these easy winterize tips, you’ll be able to minimize your energy bills and keep your home warm all winter long.