Two years ago, I embarked on a new mission with the Credit Union.  Part of my job now included managing our youth initiative program called LIVE LARGE and IN CHARGE.  Specifically, I was tasked with leading a team of high school interns covering four schools in Ansonia, Oxford, Seymour and Stratford.  The challenge has always been balancing the Credit Union’s business needs with meaningful activities and growth opportunities for this group of high school juniors and seniors.  As I get set to say goodbye to 9 of the 13 graduating interns, I think this year’s group has met the challenge.  

To our members, the highest visibility of our intern team comes is from our greeter program.   If you walk into our Shelton branch on a Saturday morning, the smiling face that greets you might be one of our interns.  The greeter program has mutual benefits— it gives an extra helping hand for branch projects and helps guide members.  For the interns themselves, working in a branch represents a significant opportunity to develop work experience in customer service while learning about the products and services that are offered at a Credit Union.  

Interns were also visible at many of our community events.  If you attended our Shred It Day in Stratford last fall or spring, an intern may have assisted you.  When the Credit Union sponsored the “Trick or Trot” Halloween 5k in Milford last year, 10 members of our intern team were present.  Interns also attended and helped at other community events during the year. Interns were also involved as liaisons to their school.  Whether it was a back-to-school night, a sporting event or even a spring musical, we interns attended representing Sikorsky Credit Union.  The interns were also a great help at our Financial Reality Fairs—a key financial literacy and community initiative.

One especially determined intern from Seymour High was able to participate in all 5 events held this spring (thank you Paulina!)  The interns also participated in meetings at Credit Union headquarters to learn job skills including sales, financial literacy, identity theft awareness, and public speaking.  The latter was especially handy as each of the interns also did a presentation either to their peers or younger students.  Finally, the interns also worked on recruiting next year’s intern team, which will be expanded to include students from Bunnell and Shelton high school.

Congratulations to David, Jayvaun, Joshua, Kat, Martyna, Olivia, Paulina, Taysean and Victoria on your upcoming graduation.  And thank you for making this the best year yet for Live Large and In Charge!  And to Abby, Jamie, Raissa and Sa’Noma, thank you as well, and I look forward to working with all of you again in both the summer and next school year.