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The Top Housewarming Gifts to Give

Moving into a new house is an exciting event in someone’s life. Whether you have new neighbors, or you’re invited to a friend’s new home, bringing a housewarming gift is a great way to celebrate the occasion with them. Read More

How To Set A Budget

Sikorsky Credit Union has often promoted financial literacy within local schools to educate students on the basics of money management, but studies show that in the United States as a whole, most people aren't taught these skills. In fact, only 16.4% of students are required to take a personal finance class.

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How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity theft is an all too common occurrence. Take a look the steps you can take to protect your identity. 

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Are You Ready For Home Ownership?

Are you tired of renting? Do you find yourself thinking about taking that next step towards home ownership? While renting does have some perks, home ownership can be a great move for you to make if you’re looking to settle down and have more stability.

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