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How to Improve Your Home's Security

Your home is a place where you should feel safe and protected from the outside world. Unfortunately, criminals are out there that threaten that safe feeling as they hope to burglarize homes and make a profit off their findings. While you can’t stop someone with the intent of gaining access to your home from trying, you can stop opportunistic burglars from targeting your house.

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8th Annual Milford Trick or Trot

We are proud to support this year's 8th Annual Trick or Trot 5K. Sign up today and help us end homelessness and hunger once and for all.  Read More

Home Shopping: Starter Home or Forever Home?

First time home buyers have a choice to make. They can purchase a "forever" home with the intention of it being something that they can grow into and live in for many years to come, or they can purchase a starter home and save money or wait until their lifestyle requires it to move into a bigger house. Neither option is a bad decision; however, you may want to consider a few critical factors before you go ahead and make a purchase.

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Cars: To Lease or Own?

You’ve decided it’s time for a new car. You’ve figured out what type of car you’d like to drive and have started to figure out what your options are financially. You can either purchase the car upfront with cash, lease a car, or purchase with a loan. Assuming you aren't able to buy the car upfront, what is the next best option for you financially – leasing or purchasing the car? Let's explore both of these options and see which option might make the most sense for you.

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