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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Fathers do so much for their children and ask for so little in return. That's what makes the annual, 100-year tradition of Father's Day so special — and difficult. Finding gifts to show appreciation to our fathers for all they do is no easy task. Read More

6 Ways to Save On Your Summer Vacation

The open road is calling and your dream vacation awaits! But first, you need to work out the financial details. How are you going to pay for your getaway? Ideally, a plump vacation fund is the way to go. Unfortunately, though, many of us don’t think about how we’re going to pay for vacation until its a few weeks away. Be proactive in planning your vacation by saving up for it in advance.

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Young Minds and Fresh Ideas—Kids that are LIVING LARGE

Two years ago, I embarked on a new mission with the Credit Union.  Part of my job now included managing our youth initiative program called LIVE LARGE and IN CHARGE.  Specifically, I was tasked with leading a team of high school interns covering four schools in Ansonia, Oxford, Seymour and Stratford. Read More

6 Springtime Gardening Tips to Turn your Yard into a Work of Art

There’s nothing quite like a garden in full bloom, but all that beauty takes work. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to turn your own yard into a botanical work of art.

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